Duncan Pegg

Queensland Labor MP Duncan Pegg has died seven weeks after he announced he was retiring from politics to focus on his battle with cancer.

Key points:

  • Mr Pegg was elected as the Member for Stretton in 2015
  • He was diagnosed with cancer in 2019
  • Mr Pegg announced on April 22 he would retire from politics to focus on his health battle

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk paid tribute to the 40-year-old Stretton MP,  saying he fought cancer with "incredible bravery and grace".

"He was the common thread that united so many groups in his community — he loved them and they loved him," Ms Palaszczuk said in a statement.

"Duncan's work in the parliament earned respect across the political divide.

"He showed politics could be a force for good.

"It was an honour to call him my friend."

Mr Pegg was diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

Duncan Pegg in hospital bed with thumbs up as he receives blood transfusion.
Mr Pegg in hospital in March this year.(

Twitter: @DuncanPeggMP


In an emotional speech to Queensland Parliament earlier this year, he announced he was stepping away as an MP with the "heaviest of hearts".

"Up until this point I've been able to effectively represent my local area while fighting against cancer," Mr Pegg told state parliament on April 22.

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"Based on my most recent medical advice, I will no longer be able to both fight cancer, and also fight for my local area in the manner in which my community deserves.

"I do not want to leave this place and cease representing the community that I love, but I know the decision to resign is the right one."

Queensland MP Duncan Pegg speaks in state parliament.
Duncan Pegg announced to Parliament he would take leave to fight cancer.(

AAP: Glenn Hunt


'Tireless fighter for our local area'

Mr Pegg also used his final speech to urge MPs to listen to terminal illness patients when exercising a conscience vote on voluntary assisted dying (VAD) legislation, which will be debated later this year.

It is understood Mr Pegg had not yet formally resigned.

His electorate office on Brisbane's southside released a statement, saying they were "heartbroken" to announce the news of his passing.

"Our community will remember Duncan as a tireless fighter for our local area," the statement said.

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"Others will remember him as a passionate legal advocate for injured workers and his family will remember him as a beloved son and brother.

"In his final months, Duncan spoke repeatedly of his great pride in the trust that the Stretton community placed in him over three separate elections.

"He often said that, in his role as parliamentarian, his greatest support was from our local community — his greatest wish was that you would think the same of him."

Duncan Pegg looks at the camera
Duncan Pegg at Queensland Parliament in December, 2017.(

ABC News: Patrick Williams


'Brave innings has come to an end'

Mr Pegg was elected as the Member for Stretton in 2015 and served as chair of the Parliamentary Tourism Development and Environment Committee.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said Mr Pegg was "passionate about his community, colleagues and cricket" and he was deeply saddened to hear "his brave innings has come to an end".

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"He fought this battle with the same tenacity as he did for his community and values — he will be missed," Mr Crisafulli said.

'Proud and passionate'

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd said "they don't make local representatives more decent than Duncan Pegg".

"Duncan wasn't lured into political life by ego or material gain — his overriding ambition was to improve the lives of the people he served," Mr Rudd said.

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"Beneath his softly spoken exterior beat the heart of a first-class fighter, driven by his commitment to tolerance, equity and justice for all."

Mr Rudd said he had known Mr Pegg for most of his life.

"As a young activist, Duncan joined my team in the federal seat of Griffith to help defend fairness and multiculturalism against the rising forces of injustice and Hansonism," Mr Rudd said.

"Over the past decade, it's been my honour to return the favour by campaigning alongside Duncan for election and re-election to the seat of Stretton in the Queensland Parliament."

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Mr Rudd said when he visited Mr Pegg in hospital last week they had a "long conversation about his life and contribution to local community".

"Duncan was enormously proud of what he'd achieved for his local schools," Mr Rudd said.

"He was also proud and passionate about the deep bonds he had forged with his local multicultural communities and he wanted, in particular, to be remembered to them."

In a tweet, former Labor leader Bill Shorten described Mr Pegg as a "wonderful man and politician" whom he held in the "highest esteem".

"What a tragedy," Mr Shorten said.

Source : https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-10/qld-former-labor-mp-duncan-pegg-dies-cancer/100204776

Queensland Labor MP Duncan Pegg dies of cancer aged 40


Queensland Labor MP Duncan Pegg dies of cancer aged 40

‘Heartbroken’: Former Queensland MP Duncan Pegg has died, succumbing to cancer


‘Heartbroken’: Former Queensland MP Duncan Pegg has died, succumbing to cancer

‘Heartbroken’: Former Queensland MP Duncan Pegg has died, succumbing to cancer

Source:The Australian

‘Heartbroken’: Former Queensland MP Duncan Pegg has died, succumbing to cancer