IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards join all the dots on footy's biggest issues.

In this episode ...

- Last night's Tribunal decision and what it means: 'There's going to be change to rules'

- Luke Beveridge and three-headed monsters: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters was a 'terrible show', Bevo

- St Kilda under pressure and has 'issues'

- Zach Merrett and Erin Phillips re-sign


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In this episode ... 

0:27 – The AFL os 'conditioning' the industry within the David Mackay process

2:12 – The 'disconnect' between different AFL departments

3:58 – Damo's endorsement of Jimmy Bartel's 'football acts' idea

6:45 – Bevo's 'Sigmund' reference to Geelong's forward line

8:31 – GMHBA home ground advantage for the Cats is huge

10:30 – St Kilda's poor messaging

14:41 – The 'huge coup' for Essendon

16:08 – Erin Phillips plays on


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